She hasn't said anything yet! He panicked to protect, even if the previous life has known that his heart belongs to, this life to see him so protect the girl, Rong Li still feel sad, originally she was such a person in his heart, right and wrong, narrow-minded, jealous and black-hearted, wry smile, a trace of disdain from her slightly astringent eyes. "Second Master really overestimated your family and your girl, and overestimated my feelings for you.". As a princess, I have kept in mind my mother's teachings since childhood and sat upright. How could I ignore morality and bully a weak woman for the sake of emotional entanglement? And I don't care about you. Who you like has nothing to do with me. Don't think I'll be jealous and angry for you! Uh. This is awkward! Losing face, he coughed to resolve, "I don't care, the princess has a deep understanding of righteousness, my heart is very relieved!" The so-called deep understanding of righteousness is nothing more than ignoring her true feelings to help others, and she does not want to compromise, but when no one yields for her, she can only choose to sacrifice herself. Fu Longan heart without her, since she will not be aware of her mind, she does not need him to understand, as soon as possible to solve the divorce, for her is the greatest luck! When she figured it out, she stopped feeling sorry for herself and got up to talk to him. "You are invited here today to discuss the divorce." "Do you really mean that?" Before listening to Jing Yue, Fu Longan also thought that maybe Jing Yue had misheard, or there was some misunderstanding, today I heard her say the word "divorce", Fu Longan was stunned for a moment to react,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, she seemed very serious, not a joke. Faced with such a change, he was surprised, "Although I do not object, but can you give a reason?"? I want to know why. "You and I don't have the same heart. Even if we get married reluctantly, we are just a couple of resentful lovers. It's better to set you free than to waste the rest of your life." He couldn't help clapping his hands and sighed, "What the princess said is very true. If the emperor could think so, it would be better. Although you can see through it, the emperor doesn't think so. This marriage is not easy to retire. What countermeasures do you have?" The emperor's side is really difficult to deal with, once tried to know how stubborn his father,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, eyes lamented, "if I have a way, I will not trouble you." "I'd like to retire, but you don't know how fierce my mother is!" When it comes to his mother, Fu Longan has a shadow. "As soon as I mentioned the word" divorce ", she began to admonish and reprimand meticulously, from the Four Books and Five Classics to the righteousness of the family and the country, and then to the filial piety of human relations. It was so logical that I was speechless, ashamed and guilty. In fact, my ears were covered with cocoons. I had no choice but to admit defeat and never mention it again. She was willing to give up." Rong Li was fully aware of Nala's behavior. In her previous life, her mother-in-law was the most concerned about her, and she was always happy for her. Unfortunately, after he got married, he hated her too much and could not easily untie her. No matter how his mother tried to persuade him, he went in one ear and out the other. He didn't take it seriously at all. For her mother-in-law, she was grateful, but her mother-in-law could not follow her for a lifetime, and her husband was the one she relied on for the rest of her life, so Fu Longan could never remarry. Since you like the girl, you should try to be with her. You will regret losing her for a lifetime. Think of a way! Only breaking off the marriage can solve the embarrassment between the three of us. Parents have asked him to accept the marriage, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Rui Yin recently also do not want to talk to him, he can not help but be discouraged, and now hear the princess encouraged him to break off the marriage, and rekindled hope, even the princess is not willing to get married, then the marriage is more meaningless, immediately clap chest assurance. "Don't worry, it's all on me!"! But it's a matter of royal face, and you can't directly tell the emperor to break off the marriage. You have to take a long view. Let me go back and think about it. I'll send someone to inform you when there's a result. ” With his promise, Rong Li also took a reassuring pill, just because she believed that Fu Longan's feelings for the girl would surely come up with a way, and she would also cooperate, never obstruct, the two sides cooperate, should be able to break off the marriage soon? Just as he was about to leave, he heard Fu Longan ask, "What is the reason why the princess is eager to break off the marriage?"? Could it be.. Have a sweetheart? I still remember that when he was young, he often smiled at her like this, and she was attracted by this smile, gradually lost her heart and soul, and her eyes followed him unconsciously. Since the emperor's marriage, he had something on his mind and refused to smile at her. So today this long-lost smile unexpectedly made her very uncomfortable, and Fu Longan felt that since both of them wanted to break off the marriage, it was a heart, there was no need to treat her as an enemy, and it was nothing to say or laugh. He did not understand her mind all the time, and even if he did, he would not care, so why should she say so? Not intended to discuss the matter with him, Rong Li slightly lowered his eyes, only said that there was no sweetheart. Fu Longan, however, did not believe it and could not help guessing who was interested in her. Among the people he knew, the one who had made it clear that he had a good impression on Rong Li was the grandson of Ertai, Ejin. Is it difficult to be Ejin? He has loved you since he was a child, and he has not been shy about it! It happened that her eyes never stayed on the man. "It's not him. Don't guess." He guessed a few more, all of which were denied by her. After thinking about it, it seemed that one of them had not said, "Is it Jingyue?" People around him were ignored by him, if other people are not right, then Jing Yue is the most likely! The man's eyes are really blind, always can not see the woman's mind, Rong Li did not intend to discuss this matter again, a word denied, "there is no such person, you do not guess, I should go back." But Fu Longan felt that her reaction was very unusual. He narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "You didn't have much reaction when you talked about others. When you mentioned Jing Yue, your face suddenly changed. Did I guess it?"? He's your sweetheart, isn't he? Seeing that he did not mind the expression, Rong Li suddenly felt that the heart was so blocked, clearly decided to give up, why is it still so uncomfortable? Is it because affection is ignored? In fact, has been ignored for so many years, there is no point in this time, let him think! As long as he's happy, it doesn't matter what she thinks. No longer pay attention to, Rong Li simply turned around, the first step, Fu Longan only when she was guessing the center of the matter and shy, did not take it seriously,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, in a good mood, he walked with his hands on his back, humming a ditty to leave.