In Final Fantasy XIV, any player can take advantage of the Market Board to earn Gil and increase their overall income with the right tactics.


The Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV is a global trading hub that allows players to sell items to each other. Almost all items that can be obtained in the game can be traded, fostering a vibrant in-game economy that stimulates competition among players. The Market Board's dynamics have a significant impact on gatherers who sell their items, crafters who buy materials, and players who need to keep their gear up to date. It's safe to say that the Market Board is a vital component of the game.


New players to the Market Board often make small mistakes that can significantly reduce their profits. Many players tend to passively sell their surplus inventory for the lowest Gil. However, this is not the most efficient way to use the Market Board. For those looking to maximize their income, it's essential to use the Market Board effectively to sell items at the highest possible prices.


Do Not Sell in Increments of 99


While it may seem appealing to list your 99 Ash Logs in one go on the Market, it's not the most effective strategy for selling. Buyers typically don't need such a large quantity, especially when they only require six for their crafting needs. They're more inclined to buy a set of 10 logs, even if it's priced slightly higher. Therefore, sellers who take the time to divide their stacks into smaller portions are more likely to make a sale.


It's generally more productive to sell items in smaller quantities. The optimal quantity varies depending on the item. For instance, it's advisable to sell materia in pairs, while mob drops are more likely to sell in larger stacks. As a general guideline, avoid grouping more than 15 items in a single stack.


Update Prices Every Few Hours



A common error made by novice players is listing an item for sale and then neglecting it, only to discover days later that their item is priced hundreds of Gil above the lowest rate. Similar to the real-world economy, the Market prices in FFXIV fluctuate hourly. As players vie to sell their items by undercutting others, prices gradually decline. This can leave an unprepared seller in a position where they either have to sell items at a loss or wait for the Market to rebound.


While players need not stress over the constantly shifting prices, it's always prudent to recheck the Market Board before ending the gaming session for the day. After all, each unsold item occupies one of the 20 valuable selling slots in a retainer's inventory.


Do Not Go With the Flow


Besides keeping track of Market prices, gamers need to understand the value of their items and the price they're prepared to sell them for. As competitors persistently drop their prices, items can rapidly depreciate. A gamer who has amassed a significant quantity of rare silk might be disappointed to discover that it's only worth 15 Gil on the Market Board.


A strategic approach to counter this drastic price reduction is to delay selling for a few days. Although this might seem counterproductive, postponing the sale of more valuable items can yield better results. Once the Market Board traders have bought all the inexpensive listings, a patient gamer can then post their item and establish the groundwork for the next round of price undercutting.


Sell More Than Just Your Junk


Players who merely peddle low-value items are unlikely to amass a fortune. While Dodo meat and animal hides may be used in crafting, they typically fetch only a meager one or two Gil. To boost their income, players should adopt a more strategic approach to selling. This could involve leveraging crafting jobs and crafting logs.


Those who take pleasure in crafting will find themselves with an upper hand. Creating sought-after garments as a Weaver or Leatherworker can be a profitable way to earn. For those who find the crafting mini-game tedious, their best option is to sell crafting commodities that are in high demand. Players who enjoy hunts or FATEs will be glad to know that high-level mob drops are valuable items for crafters who prefer not to gather their own materials. A quick glance at crafting logs for level 50 and above on the official site will equip hunters with all the information they need about valuable drops.


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