Introduction About Daniel Giraldo

Hello there! I'm Daniel Giraldo, born under the Colombian sun on the 1st of July, 1992. I've dedicated my life to the beautiful game of football, and it's a journey that has taken me to the heart of the action at Atlético Junior. As a central defensive midfielder, I thrive on the pulse of the play, orchestrating movements, and being the backbone that my team can rely on.

My footballing path has been marked by a deep connection with 'los embajadores', a term of endearment for the team I've given my all. It's on the pitch with them that I truly shine, finding my best form and performance. I've honed my skills to read the game several steps ahead, ensuring that I'm always in the right place at the right time, breaking up attacks and launching our own with precision and poise.

For me, football is not just a sport; it's a passion that shapes my every move. My role at Atlético Junior is more than just a position; it's a responsibility that I carry with pride. As I continue to grow and improve with every match, my aim remains unwavering: to be the best central defensive midfielder I can be, contributing to my team's success and leaving a lasting legacy on the field.

Daniel Giraldo's Sudamericana card

In the dynamic world of virtual football, Daniel Giraldo's Sudamericana card emerges as a solid choice for the Central Defensive Midfielder position, boasting an overall rating of 71. With a commendable pace rating of 73, Giraldo can swiftly close down spaces and transition from defense to attack, ensuring that the team maintains its momentum. His physicality rating stands out at an impressive 79, indicating that he can hold his own in the most demanding of midfield battles. While his shooting rating may be a modest 48, it is his defensive prowess, with a rating of 68, and his ability to distribute the ball effectively, as evidenced by a passing rating of 66, that make him an invaluable asset. Giraldo's card also possesses a dribbling rating of 62, allowing for a decent level of control and agility on the ball. These attributes make Daniel Giraldo's card an advantageous addition to any team, providing a robust defensive anchor with the capability to dismantle the opposition's attacks and catalyze goal-scoring opportunities.

How to Obtain Daniel Giraldo's Player Card

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