To oversee the whole manufacturing process, businesses depend on a good supply chain system heavily. From Raw material procurement to product production and distribution to customers. This supply chain management is classified into various sections, that include supply chain phases, features of the supply chain, and aspects of supply chain management. There are four basics of supply chain management that work together to establish a path to competition that is both cost-effective and competitive. Let’s see

1. Integration
2. Operations
3. Purchasing
4. Distribution


Communication and Collaboration with all parties is a business strategy that eradicates errors and saves money. Implementing each division with one another integrates expertise and builds the team.


These element are the backbone of the supply chain process that ensuring your employees have consistent work. Managers scrutinize day-to-day operations to assure that various supply chain phases stay on track.


Knowing ahead of time what your process of supply chain will look like within your company is an important factor. It is crucial to know exactly what goods to buy within your company, whether it is materials, supplies, tools, or equipment.


When your product is received by customers, either from the store shelf or through direct shipping. For products to reach their final destination, supply chain distribution must be well planned.

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