Apparent province : Cities with a great historical background are located in this province, including Beriyah, Judah and Kharimaea. There are many historic sites, including the Hebrew Historical Market, Qanat Al-Iraqi, Qal’at al-Khandagh, Heson, Abul, Qala Beriim and al-Khazik in the province. Fountains of fresh water are another attraction of this province.

Qanats of the famous ancient : Qanats dating back more than 2000 years, called Dares, Al Khatamin, Al-Malki, Al-Mia’ar, and Al-Jila, are the sources of water from many of the cities and villages of Oman, due to the unique system of these five aqueducts annually 2006 were recorded as World Heritage.

Wadi Night : One of the most popular tourist destinations in Oman is full of palm trees and natural water pools. Many of these pools are used for swimming and sailing. The flow of water in the water ponds of this area is always underway. The presence of green shrubs and wildlife trees that captures butterflies and birds has given the region a dream in wadi shab.

By toursoman