Rare Breed Triggers Responds to Recent Court Ruling on FRT-15 Sales [Fargo, ND] – In light of recent legal developments, Rare Breed Triggers, a leader in innovative firearm technologies, wishes to address the preliminary ruling by a federal judge in New York regarding the sale of our FRT-15 triggers.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

The regulatory landscape surrounding trigger mechanisms, particularly those that enhance firing rates, is complex and ever-changing. The FRT-15, as of the knowledge cutoff date, aligns with federal guidelines for semi-automatic triggers. However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to remain informed about the legal status of the trigger in their specific jurisdiction, as state laws may vary.

Rare Breed Triggers has always been committed to compliance with federal laws and regulations. Our FRT-15 triggers, designed to enhance the functionality of AR-15-style rifles, have been at the center of a legal debate concerning their classification under federal law.

On [Date], a federal judge issued a preliminary ruling that temporarily halts the sale of our FRT-15 triggers. This decision comes amid claims by the U.S. government that these devices could be misconstrued as converting semi-automatic firearms into machine guns, which are heavily regulated under U.S. law. The court suggested that consumers might have been misled about the legality of these devices, a point we respectfully disagree with. Rare Breed Triggers has always provided clear information on our products, relying on expert opinions and thorough analysis of existing regulations. 

Our legal team, deeply disappointed by this temporary setback, emphasizes that this is a preliminary decision made early in the legal process. We are currently assessing our next steps and remain dedicated to vigorously defending our products and our rights under the law.

Rare Breed Triggers was founded on the principle of innovation within the bounds of the law. Our FRT-15 triggers were developed with careful consideration of legal standards and in consultation with former officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). We dispute the current interpretation that these devices qualify as machine guns and are prepared to present a robust defense in court.

The safety and legal standing of our customers are paramount. We understand the concerns that this ruling has raised among our users and stakeholders. Rare Breed Triggers is fully committed to resolving this matter favorably and ensuring that our products continue to meet the high standards of innovation, safety, and legal compliance that we set for ourselves. 

We appreciate the support and patience of our customers and the broader community as we navigate this challenging period. Rare Breed Triggers will provide updates as the situation develops and remains dedicated to upholding the rights of firearm owners and enthusiasts across the nation.

ATF Stance and Legal Challenges

Rare Breed Triggers has been proactive in navigating the legal intricacies of their product. The FRT-15 trigger has been the subject of scrutiny, resulting in legal confrontations that have sought to clarify its position within federal regulations. It is advisable for potential buyers to review the latest legal outcomes and ATF updates before purchasing the FRT-15 trigger.

State-Specific Legality

Gun laws differ significantly across states, and what is permissible in one state may not be allowed in another. It is crucial for prospective owners to verify the legality of the FRT 15 trigger within their state to avoid any legal repercussions.

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