1.Compose A Summary

Create a succinct description that is full of keywords and provides some context for the video. Keep your meta descriptions to 50 to 160 words  to promote your youtube channel. You can enlarge the text if you're using it to go along with your video on social media or on your blog.

what is said in the Jornaya video. It says: Jornaya is a platform for consumer journey information that offers marketers, data analysts, and compliance experts the most detailed perspective possible of the customer purchasing process. They got in touch with us to create a clear, amiable, and contemporary promotional video for their fantastic product  to promote your youtube channel.

Pro tip: The keywords in your description may perform better as #hashtags for several social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter). You should change your hashtags to more accurately represent what's popular and important on each network.

2.Choose Keywords

What phrases from your video best explain the hashtags? To aid users in finding your video on that site, incorporate these in your descriptions and social media posts. If someone wanted to find a video like yours, they might type such words into a search engine.

Your visibility will enhance across various marketing channels if you have a ready-made list of these words. Think of adjectives that best characterize the video or the target audience to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube . Create a list of words or phrases that might be helpful for now. Different keywords may perform better on different platforms.

Pro tip: To uncover suitable terms for your industry, use keyword research tools like Keyword Tool, Hashtagify, or Google Search Console. Long-tail keywords are particularly easy to find with Answer the Public.

3.Make a transcript

Your video is more accessible if it has a transcript, and not just for those who have hearing loss. When using their phones in public places, many individuals choose to watch videos without sound. Adding captions or a transcript to your video will keep people interested. Additionally, transcripts might improve your video's search engine visibility.

Pro tip: Numerous video-sharing websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, provide automatic transcription. If you make use of this function, ensure sure the transcript is error-free by checking it twice.

4.Create an SRT file

A specially designed text file known as an SRT file adds captions to your videos. You can upload unique SRT files along with your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and several social networking sites. To make these files manually, you would require specialized software. Fortunately, you can get help from online resources like REV.com.