Google has declared that Google Analytics 4 will gradually replace the well-liked Universal Analytics UI. This means that this training will be useful to everyone who utilises Google Analytics.


What you'll discover


It is intended to guide you through the GA4 interface regardless of your level of analytics expertise. You'll learn the fundamentals of GA4, including how to use it, what particular metrics imply, and how to set it up for your company.


Free online SEO courses in marketing to enhance blog posts and SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) increases website traffic. Many small businesses utilise blogs to promote their brands through SEO-optimized content meant to attract new clients.


To increase traffic, you can employ keywords all across your page. You'll learn how in these classes.

subjects covered


  • Including SEO in marketing campaigns
  • Words used in search engine optimization
  • most efficient SEO techniques
  • Black hat versus white hat SEO


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