Explore new tastes and techniques in your kitchen with a little help from our DIY food kits & more. Each product includes a trustworthy recipe, probiotic yogurt kit unique shelf-stable ingredients + key cooking tools. Just add a few basics, roll up your sleeves + embark on new cooking adventures.Get a little closer to mother nature with us.

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greek yogurt culture at home

Vegan greek yogurt culture

Probiotic Artisanal Curd Starter Culture

 Make thick creamy Yogurt Kit with billions of good Probiotic Bacteria and twice the protein of regular yogurt in your own kitchen.

Support your Health. Boost your Gut. Yogurt your Way.

Spoon your way through the rich taste of Greek, Bulgarian or Icelandic Yogurt.

Craft Your Own Cheese

What can be better than crafting your own fresh healthy cheese right in your kitchen?

​100% Natural and #NoNasties

Making cheese is a “grate whey” to transform milk protein & fat into a delicious culinary delight that is both delicious and long-lasting.

Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Artisan Cheese Making Kit

Tempeh Starter Culture

You do not have to be a farmer or a chef to do it.CRAFT-YOUR-OWN: How exciting is that to make your own fresh Greek Yogurt or Bulgarian Yogurt or Icelandic Skyr at home. The essentials for making yogurt are included in our “The Probiotic Yogurt Kit”, so you can simply add milk of your choice and enjoy!

Our miso contains Live Koji Probiotics. It simply means that your gut will be happy with you and it also means that there will be gas production (a natural phenomenon) while the miso will be in transit to reach you. There might be a small leak or the seal might erupt whilst unscrewing the lid. The product remains perfectly safe for consumption and remains delicious. Be assured that we seal the product properly and handle the miso in the most-hygienic condition possible!

DIY Italian Cheese Making Kit | Make Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Burrata & Many More at Home | Supplies for About 10 Kg of Cheese | Unique Gift | Detailed Instructions Included

🧀 CRAFT-YOUR-OWN ITALIAN CHEESES: Traditional Mozzarella, 30-min Quick Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Burrata, Bocconcini, Ricotta Salata (detailed recipes & support included).

SMOKED NUTRITIONAL YEAST FLAKES: Through a unique cold smoking process, we've dialled up the flavors of your favorite superfood. Delivering a deep, rich and smoky hit to shake over your favourite food.

100% NATURAL & PRESERVATIVE FREE: Our SMOKED Nutritional Yeast Powder have a delicious smoky cheesy flavor that adds a pleasant taste to many foods. It is 100% Vegan, Natural and free from all nasties


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