Customized Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Board Slitting Machine FD-KL1300ASB Automatic Cardboard Cutter Application: It is mainly used for cutting material like cardboard, grey board, etc. which is necessary for hardcovers and package cases. Features: 1. The big cardboard is fed by hand, automatic feeding for small cardboard. Servo controlled and setup via touch screen. 2. Pneumatic cylinders control the pressure, easy adjustment of cardboard thickness. 3. The safety cover is designed according to European CE standard. 4. The concentrated lubrication system, easy to maintain. 5. Main structure is made of casting iron, stable without bending. 6. The crusher could cut the waste into small size and convey them out of the machine by belt. 7. With a 2 meter conveyor belt for collecting. Auto board feeder It adopts bottom drawing type non-stop feeder, which is suitable for small size material cutting. High quality round knife Using alloy material round knife, durable, effectively reduce wear and improve cutting efficiency. CE standard safety cover The new CE standard cover makes the operation safer. Pneumatic pressure control device Pneumatic pressure adjustment, convenient and fast, reduce the technical personnel on the machine operation requirements. Ball screw with servo motor The feeder adopts servo motor and ball screw, which improves the accuracy and makes the adjustment easier. Numerical knife adjustment Digital setting of knife spacing, according to the setting, the gauge automatically moves to the designated position, easy to adjust, no need to measure. Waste removal device After the board is cut, the left and right wastes are automatically send to the crusher, and then conveyor belt send them out of machine. Touch screen control Good man-machine interface, easy to use; With counting and alarm functions. Production flow: Main technical parameters: ModelFD-KL1300ASB Cardoard width550mm< W<1300mm L<900mm W1<100-600mm, W2<55-600mm Cardboard thickness1-3mm Paper height1300mm Speed (big board)鈮?5pcs/min Speed (small board)鈮?20pcs/min Motor power1.5kw/380v 3phase Total power11kw/380v 3phase Air supply2L/min 0.6Mpa Machine weight3500kg Machine dimensionL5780脳W4250脳H1770mm Remark: we don鈥檛 provide air compressor Machine occupying map:Customized Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Board Slitting Machine website: