Organophilic Clay for sale Organophilic Clay, shorty organoclay.It has the character of immediate glued and antisettling,flow resistance after carefully selecting,modifying and refining. Dynagel C is an organophilic clay used as a gelling and viscosifying agent for oil base mud prepared from primarily diesel and mineral oils. Dynagel C is a bentonite treated with amine compound, to promote its dispersion/viscosity-yield in invert emulsion systems, which helps to improve suspension, hole cleaning and cuttings transport capability. 聽 In addition to imparting excellent rheological properties, Dynagel C increases thermal stability and emulsion stability of the mud and decrease fluid loss when working at elevated temperatures. At such working temperatures, it enhances reliability and effectiveness of the drilling mud. Dynagel C is convenient and safe to handle, mix and store. 聽 Description Commodity Name: Organoclay Molecular Formula: Al2O3.4(SiO2).H2O Structural Formula: [C18 C18 CH3 CH3鈥擭]y+{Nax-y锛圚2O锛?锛圓l2-xMgx锛塠Si4O10](OH)2}- HS CODE: 2508100090 CAS NO.: 68953-58-2 Dosage: concerning the ill humidification of pitch system such as epoxy resin,polyester,it is better to make pregel.ingredient: solvent 87% DynaGel庐 8-10% polar activator 3-4% deploy gel: solvent+orgnic clay(mixture for ten minuts)then add polar compound 聽 Advantages Our raw material import from other country, we are the only manufactuer to use the importing raw material. 聽 Specs: Appearance---------------- grey to tan powder, free flowing Bulk density------- 30-35lbs/cubic foot (481-561 kg/m3) Solubility---------- Insoluble in water, dispersible in hydrocarbons Odor---------------- none to slight alcohol Moisture----------- 5% maximum Particle size------- 75% minimum through 100 mesh 聽 Application Primary applications include asphalt emulsions, brick, cement, detergents, paper, and water treatment. For example: DynaGel庐,when used in asphalt emulsions, holds the oil and water phases together in a stable emulsion. It offers higher activity, longer equipment life, and batch to batch consistency. DynaGel庐 is used as an additive in brickmaking for enhanced production improving green and dry strength, increasing water resistance, and boosting yield. DynaGel庐 increases the waterproofing of finished cement. DynaGel庐is used as insoluble, inorganic builders in detergent. They swell in the presence of water to emulsify oily materials and peptize fine particles of soil, keeping them in suspension. They help soften water by ion exchange. DynaGel庐 can be used in some micro particle retention systems in papermaking. DynaGel庐 is also used for water clarification and de-inking of paper. DynaGel庐 is used in the treatment of wastewater and control of airborne stack emissions. 聽 FAQ Q: Could we supply samples? A: Yes, we provide samples freely, but shipping charges will be paid by buyers. Thanks, 聽 Q: What is your terms of delivery? A: EXW, FOB, CFR terms etc. This is subject to customer鈥檚 requirement. 聽 Q: What is the lead time? A: About one week 聽 Q: What is payment term? A: LC, DP at sight, T/T etc. 聽Organophilic Clay for sale website: