Manali is famous for being India’s honeymoon capital. It is situated between the snow-capped slopes of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges and offers stunning views of lush green forests, green meadows, and meandering blue streams. Manali, being a gorgeous valley surrounded by beautiful Himalayan landscape, at an altitude of 6,726 ft. Manali, besides being a destination abundant in natural beauty, is also home to a tiny slice of history.   It served as a religious hub where monks preached Buddhism and encouraged people to follow the ‘middle path’. Manali Tour Package from Ahmedabad places itself in the Beas Valley and is a popular getaway spot. 


Places To Visit In Manali:-



Solang Valley:-

Solang Valley is by all means one of the most popular tourist spots in Himachal Tour Packages from Ahmedabad and its rise to fame has been attributed to the surrounding snow-capped mountain ranges and glistening glaciers. Many tourists visit Solang valley to partake in adventure activities such as paragliding, skiing amongst an array of options. Most tourists consider a visit to the place to be an expensive affair but with numerous new travel agencies having popped up recently, the charges for adventure activities have, more or less, stabilized.


Naggar Castle:-

Naggar is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Manali. People visiting Ahmedabad To Manali Tour Package come to see the beauty of art and miniature paintings. Basically, Naggar is a huge castle with incredible artwork and paintings. It is like a paradise for art and craft enthusiasts. Naggar is also known for its beautiful scenic view and sliding landscapes that make it a dream come true for couples. The castle has vantage points offering scintillating views of the Beas valley, and captivating hill slopes filled with apple orchards. 




Manikaran Gurudwara by the Parvati River is a place in Manali Couple Tour Package from Ahmedabad for the spiritually-inclined. This religious place is known for its hot water springs and a Gurdwara. Manikaran is both a tourist place as well as a pilgrimage site. Probably the most important and most useful is the one on the river bank at the entrance to the village which is always in great activity and is said to rise and fall with the increase and decline of river water. Manikaran is supposed to have mythological connections to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This is the place where the Goddess lost her precious stones and the Lord supposedly had to use his ‘Third Eye’.