There are a lot of tips to help you with Quran memorization:

  • Believe in yourself. and Put the goal in front of your eyes always.
  • Follow a model example ” Prophet Mohamed”.
  • Remind yourself always of the great reward from Allah while you memorize Quran Online by heart.
  • give yourself presents from time to time once you memorize new Sorah by heart from Al Quran
  • Read the first Aya 20 times and then the next Aya 20 times and the next Aya 20 times and then gather verses together.
  • recitation 4th Aya 20 times, 5th 20 times, 6th 20 times and then from 4th to 6th by heart.
  • then gather all verses 20 times from 1 to 6 by heart.
  • You must memorize Quran with Shaikh ” teacher” By the way, we offer the best Quran teachers. sign up for the free trial from here.
  • Memorizing Quran from Sorat Al nas to Al Bqrah this the best way ever and easier.