You will not be able to make use of this Rune Word until you have reached level 41, as the Fal rune has the most stringent level requirement of any rune.

  1. A rundown of all of the benefits that come along with having the D2R Unbending Will bestowed upon you can be found in this section of the guide

  2. As is the case with all Rune Words, the D2R Unbending Will bestows additional benefits on top of those bestowed by the Runes that were used to create it

  3. These additional benefits are in addition to the benefits bestowed by the Runes that were used to create it

  4. These additional advantages are on top of the advantages that were already bestowed upon it by the Runes that were used in its creation

  5. This page provides a list of the Runes that were essential to the production of the D2R Unbending Will and can be found on other pages of this wiki

  6. This will perform the Level 18 version of the Barbarian Skill Taunt, which, if successful, will reduce the amount of damage that the target takes by 39% and also reduce their attack rating by 39%

  7. This ability does not work against the bosses that are encountered during the Pandemonium Event;


+10 Strength: This is a useful increase to strength that can help with meeting requirements and increasing damage. It also increases your potential to take damage.; +10 points added to your Health, which, when used, will increase both your Maximum Life and your Stamina; +10 points added to your Vitality, which, when used, will increase both your Maximum Life and your Stamina;Both your maximum life and your stamina will increase as a result of this.

Because of this defensive bonus, the amount of physical damage that is taken is reduced by eight, and as a result, D2R Ladder Uber Tristram Guide (buy it online) is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Adding one point to the Light Radius causes an increase in the amount of lit area around the player. This ability does not have any other effect. When combined with other abilities or items that also provide this benefit, this one has the potential to become extremely powerful.

This is helpful in this situation because the requirements for some of the base items for this Rune Word are quite high in terms of both Strength and Dexterity. Because the requirements for those items are quite high, this is helpful in this situation. It is necessary to first satisfy these requirements before making use of this Rune Word in any way. When you use abilities such as Taunt, Life Steal, and Damage Reduction, your toughness will increase as a direct result of these abilities' use. Because of these abilities, you will take less damage and will be able to restore some of the life that you have lost, both of which will contribute to an increase in your overall health. Its Enhanced Damage is extremely high, and its Attack Speed is increased, both of which contribute to its overall effectiveness and make it very effective. Increases have also been made to Enhanced Damage.

Although any sword can be utilized in the process of forging D2R UnbendingWill, only the gray 6-socket Swords will yield the desired outcome. There is a possibility that each of the following swords will have six sockets that can be used for attachments. If this turns out to be the case, then this will be a very useful feature.


Ral Rune and Amn Rune or Amn Rune and Perfect Amethyst can be used to add sockets, and there is a one in six chance that doing so will result in all six sockets that are necessary for D2R Unbending Will


  1. Alternatively, Amn Rune and Perfect Amethyst can be used to add sockets

  2. When adding sockets with Ral Rune and Amn Rune or Amn Rune and Perfect Amethyst, respectively, there is a chance that this chance will occur

  3. There is a lower chance that something will go wrong when preparing a dish if it entails a greater number of steps than when there are fewer steps involved

It is strongly recommended that this be done because of the significant Enhanced Damage bonus that will be added to the base damage of the weapon when this Rune Word is crafted into an Elite weapon or an Executioner Sword. This bonus will be added when the weapon is crafted. The other six Socket Swords have a base damage that is insufficient to make them suitable for use with this Rune Word. As a direct consequence of this, they are incompatible with the Rune Word in question.

In addition to barbarian swords, the Phase Blade is the only other type of weapon that can be wielded effectively with only one hand. Barbarians, on the other hand, are the only ones who can use other types of swords with only one hand.

You will be able to make use of the D2R Unbending Will at level 41 if you have it crafted into an Executioner Sword. This requires that you have reached level 41. The requirements for the Elite swords are quite a bit more stringent than the requirements for the regular swords. The creation of an Executioner Sword, in the event that such a sword does not already exist, followed by the creation of an Elite version of that sword at a later level is one possibility that ought to be taken into consideration and is an option that should be considered. The fact that the necessary Runes are not overly difficult to acquire in the first place is the primary reason for this fact, and it is also the reason why this statement is true.

Even though it is a Melee ability and can be used by any character, D2R UnbendingWill is most beneficial to Barbarians for some reason. This is despite the fact that any character can use it. This is due to the fact that it increases the user's overall effectiveness in combat by granting a multiplier of +3 to the user's Combat Skills.

Will Unyielding is yet another excellent option that can be added to the collection of abilities that an Act V Mercenary can have at their disposal. This mercenary has a wide variety of choices open to them at the moment. As a direct result of the changes that were made in Patch 2, which was just recently made available to the public, they now have access to this particular option. The 2.4 patch, which included the update, is what brought these Rune Words to the game for players to utilize. In addition to that, it has the capability of ending the life of another person without the consent of that person.