Trezor Suite was launched in 2014, but its application named Trezor Suite was launched recently in 2021 to facilitate better servicing for its users. With the launch of this application, the versatility of using hardware wallets reached another level. The users were waiting for this update for many years. Hence, after the launch of this Trezor Suite App, it became popular immediately. 

Usually, traders go with using hardware wallets more as they are more trustable than software wallets. Because there is no risk of your wallet getting hacked. The only way you will lose your funds in your hardware wallet is if you lost your wallet device and your secret recovery code.

This blog will explain all the details you would require about the application of Trezor.

What is Trezor Suite Application?

After so long Trezor Suite finally decided to launch its own application. It was mandatory as the other hardware wallets like Ledger or SecuX have their application. The Ledger Wallet has introduced its applications in the name of Ledger Live. Though there is no need to have applications for hardware wallets it is beneficial for enhancing the better user experience. 

In an interview, the developers of the Trezor Wallet told that the main objective of launching this application was to reduce phishing attacks and to provide more transparency to the users. Some unique features were offered by this wallet application that immediately attracts the users. In further content, you will get to know all these features.

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Some Key Features of the Trezor Suite

Given below are some of the major reasons why you should give this application a try:

  • Multiple Currencies are supported

It is natural that every trader would want a wallet that has a good number of coins listed on it. As it will result in traders having more variety of coins to choose from for trading. This wallet supports all the ERC-20 tokens and some other cryptocurrencies as well. It is not possible to support all of the cryptocurrencies because some currencies use different kinds of technology.

  • Support many devices

This Trezor Suite App is not available to be used on Android devices or iOS but can be used on other systems. The application is easily accessible on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is not supported by iOS and Android devices because then it would become a software wallet which it is not. Although as per resources soon it could also be launched as a standalone software wallet. 

  • Fee

The option of Replace by Fee means that a user can cancel any transaction if it is not yet confirmed. This can be done by executing another transaction and paying a higher amount of gas fees. This will help in rectifying your mistake of sending the wrong coins, to rectify this all you have to do is initiate a transaction with a minimum amount and then pay a little higher gas fees for it. 

Wrapping it up

There is no limitation for creating any number of accounts on the Trezor Wallet however if we talk about Trezor Suite the limitation is up to 10 accounts only. Another unique feature is that the users can label their transactions for keeping an organized record. The transactions could be labeled as ‘Investing’, ‘Fun’, ‘Short term investment’ etc. Also, these transactions could be synced with your Google Drive or Dropbox as per your choice. Thus we hope that after this blog, you will explore this Trezor Suite to experience its unique features. And for any issue customer support is also available.