Conclusions (Coclusions) represent the most important component of the entire scientific work. The conclusions should not be in the form of a brief description of each section. They should be written as a summary of each piece of research that has been done.


What are the main conclusions of your thesis? What would be your own recommendations for improving the management structure, improving today's research methods and technologies?

The points to be made in the defense

In order to successfully complete your dissertation and just as successfully defend it, it is important to make the section with the statements as informative as possible. It is to it that the Attestation Commission's attention will be riveted. The results of the research work are designed as separate theses (no more than 5-6 for the defense). In addition, the section contains all the terminology proposed by the candidate, and brings to the readers and listeners the information about the contribution to science. Work on the position continues for the entire period allotted for the dissertation. The section may change depending on the progress of the experimental work.


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