Based on the popular Waffle is a creative and entertaining word game. You must rearrange the crossword problem pieces to create six words—three horizontal and three vertical—from the crossword puzzle pieces in order to finish the crossword puzzle in this game. The crossword puzzles can only be moved once per 15 rounds, and all chosen letters must be used. A green crossword indicates that you have put the correct letter in the appropriate spot, while a yellow crossword indicates that you have placed the correct letter in the incorrect spot. If you enjoy Waffle, you might also enjoy these free online games. Wordle:

The video game Heartle employs music in place of text. After listening to a brief sample of music, you must identify the song or artist.

  • Quordle: A game in which you must properly guess a couplet just once every nine guesses. You must locate four terms related to the provided subject.
  • Framing: In this game, you must determine the name of a movie or an actor based on a brief movie scene. Similar like Heardle, except with movies as opposed to music.

Sudoku and Wordle are combined in the game Squirdle. To ensure that each row, column, and 3x3 square only has one occurrence of each letter, you must type letters into the empty cells.

Crossword puzzles and Wordle are combined in the game "Crosswordle". Use words that are associated with the selected recommendations to fill in the blanks.

  • Irrational: This game is more difficult than Wordle since the word to guess differs from player to player. To get rid of skills that are impossible to acquire, you must employ strategies.
  • Worldle: A Wordle-like game in which the estimated word length of the projected word can be changed.
  • Dungleon: In this game that blends Wordle with a widget, you must find words in order to explore weird rooms and battle animals.

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