Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium

Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium offers a wide range of selection for columbarium. From Standard Suite to Maisonette Suit to Family Suit, Columbarium Singapore  regardless of what is your preference, there is something for everyone.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore

Choa Chu Kang Columbarium

Established in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden is part of Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Asia Group, Nirvana Singapore a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider that boasts one decade of experience in memorial park operations.

Nirvana lives by the “Caring for Life” philosophy. At Nirvana Memorial Garden Choa Chu Kang, you can always expect a pleasant experience during a pivotal moment through professional, detailed, comprehensive and well-acclaimed, one-stop-worry-free funeral services. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore deeply understands the sentiment of embracing a proud tradition and culture, and therefore offers a comprehensive suite of funeral services to honour and uplift life.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Pedestal

Not only Ancestral Pedestal has a rich history in Chinese ancestral worship, it has been the very symbol of it that dates way back to the Shang Dynasty.

Ancestral Pedestal plays such an important role in the Chinese history that it usually takes up the central position at the altar of any Chinese home. Ancestral Pedestal is a sacred item that connotes the virtue of filial piety.

The evolution of time is changing the way we pay homage to our ancestors. Ancestral Pedestals in Nirvana Memorial Garden Pedestal  are placed in an elegant, air-conditioned hall, in the company of godliness for eternal memorial honouring while accommodating the modern lifestyle.

Besides the classic pedestal, Nirvana Memorial Services Singapore also offers the Crystal Pedestal.

Nirvana Memorial Funeral Service

Having to lose someone you love is never an easy process to go through. Nirvana Funeral Services Singapore offers 24hours comprehensive funeral service that helps families cope and manage through this difficult time.

With the professional 24 hours funeral service of Funeral Services Singapore , not only the family members can give their loved one a beautiful send-off, they can properly mourn the deceased and not worry about the stress and logistics of organizing a funeral.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Prayer Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden is not only a home for the departed but also a Nirvana Memorial Garden Prayer Services with state-of-the-art facilities, relaxing environment and exemplary service from the heart; that serves to provide peace and comfort to both the departed and their family.

In accordance with the Chinese funeral rituals and adherence to the relationship that defined Chinese tradition that recognizes and prioritizes the “virtues of filial piety”, together with the inclusive religious cogitation of Buddhism, Private Columbarium Singapore provide a wide range of worship and prayers services.


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