metric Bolts "Stability and quality are the two pillars retaining our customers. Nothing fancy, but few can offer this kind of consistent customer experience as we do." -- Raymond Liu, CEO of ZONBIX. Looking for T Shape Bolts? You came to the right place. As the first in Taiwan and one of the most experienced T Shape Bolt suppliers in Asia, ZONBIX offers you entire DIN parts range and possibilities for made-to-print orders. Popular production range: M4~M24; length: up to 300mm. Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass. You can even request to use your own sources of raw materials. Finish: zinc plated, geomet, gleitmo, dacrotized, zinc-nickel alloy plated, etc. To protect goods during transportation, ZONBIX spends 2X as much as our competitors on packaging. The pallets we use can safely carry up to 1200 kg. Pallet options: EURO CEP (EPAL), US ISPM 15 Pallets. Loss or damaged goods? Never heard of at ZONBIX. Our logistic partners are the best in their game. You can also choose to assign a preferred forwarder. Our goods are sold to tier-1 suppliers for leading auto brands -- BMW, Volvo, GM, etc. Reliable quality ensured by cutting-edge inspection equipment (e.g. Keyence IM-6120 instant dimension measurement system) and latest QC protocols. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 certified. In the progress of obtaining many other certificates in the areas of quality control (TAF/ISO 17025) and corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Credit card payments are now accepted for sampling/small quantity purchases and orders with express delivery. Ask your contact at ZONBIX to know more! metric Bolts website: