With the usage data of LabStats, you can identify all the software licenses in your environment that are underused. Equipped with this knowledge, you can reallocate application Licenses to different machines or even labs for optimum utilization. You can achieve all this with computer lab license management from LabStats. 
Application licenses are more effectively utilized when reallocated to different machines. With this data, you can renegotiate better license agreements that align with actual usage. When your college or university invests heavily in application packages, usage data can effectively help negotiate renewal prices and invest elsewhere.  

Empowered Decision Making
Whether you're buying Licenses on a per-station basis or campus-wide, our computer lab license management tool can simplify decision-making. Furthermore, our tracking tool also gives insight into where students are accessing applications and the availability of each station. 

With the LabStats license management tool, you can:
● Track Usage
Track license usage to identify the most used and least used software.
● Renegotiate Software Contracts
Allows your IT department to renegotiate software contracts effectively based on usage data.
● Avoid Non-compliance 
Ensuring compliance with software contracts by tracking unauthorized usage or inappropriate software in an environment. 
● Optimized Budgeting 
Optimize resource spending and IT budget. 

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