Portable Soda Maker Suppliers include soda bottles, small cylinders, cap assemblies for soda bottles, lower barrels, valve seats, cylinder drives, valve rods, adjustment knobs, bleeders, and air outlet controls, including cones The rubber sleeve has an upper cavity and a truncated cone-shaped lower cavity; the inner cavity of the lower cavity of the rubber sleeve is The upper part of the gas rod mouth has a radial air guide hole, and the radial air guide hole and the outer wall of the lower part of the lower cavity of the rubber sleeve form a one-way valve. The gas enters the rubber sleeve through the gap between the rubber sleeve and the inner wall of the gas nozzle rod, and the rubber plug; the gas is blown to the filter screen set in the copper seat, and the residue or iron filings on the filter screen pass through the middle seat and the cone of the copper piece. The nozzle enters the small cylinder cavity and is discharged from the machine through the radial exhaust hole and the guide pipe on the small cylinder cavity wall, which is convenient to use, safe and hygienic.

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