Taco Platter with Burrito Combo Deals - Take Out & Delivery 

Need cheap Mexican food served by one of the best places to eat in Roswell, New Mexico near College Park? Burrito Express has two Roswell restaurants in different parts of the city ready to serve taco and burrito platters with combo deals.

Burrito places in Rio Rancho New Mexico

As the Rio Rancho community is growing.  So is the Burrito Express offers and deals.  We’ve always provide the best burritos and full plate new mexican for the Rio Rancho, New Mexico area.  Unlike many other burrito fast food places, we have a diverse mexican food menu.  Offering tacos, quesadillas & huevos rancheros mexican breakfast plates.  You can also try our popular cheese burger burrito.   

Try Our Burrito & Taco Platters & Combo Deals

Check out our menu and easily order food online. Burrito Express is a restaurant that delivers in multiple cities in New Mexico. Our branch at College Park, Roswell is near the military school of New Mexico. Are you in Roswell wondering, “Where can I get good cheap Mexican food near me?” doesn’t need to look any further. Our taco and burrito platters and our burrito and taco combo deals give you a bang for your buck. Visit Burrito places in Roswell New Mexico or other cities as well.

Taco Packs on the Go for Family

Taking care of a family is a difficult and rewarding job. Take more time off by skipping the cooking. Get your taco combos and packs to go as takeout food. Our downtown Roswell restaurant will make your life easier and keep your family happy and fed. We serve all kinds of Mexican dishes including burritos and more in Roswell, NM. Many of our customers say that our New Mexican burritos serve as the Best Burritos in  Rio Rancho New Mexico.

Burrito Platters for Home Office & Covid Life

While we shelter in place during the pandemic, Burrito Express has adapted to the challenges. Our Roswell restaurants operate under strict guidelines to guarantee high standards of sanitation and safety. Our cheap food delivery and affordable catering services allow you to enjoy our burrito packs and combos while you work from home. Take a break, order food online for curbside pickup or have our meal delivery service bring our Mexican burritos to your home office.

Burritos and Tacos Near New Mexico Military Institute

If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Roswell you’ll come across Burrito Express online, thanks to our rave reviews on websites. One of our Mexican restaurants in Roswell is near the New Mexico Military Institute. The closest branch is just on E. College Blvd. Start your day by getting the best breakfast in Roswell or head to our Roswell restaurant for lunch. You’ll spend less and get more with our taco plates and frequent taco deals.

Takeout New Mexican Food Along College Blvd

Looking for takeout food in College Park, Roswell, or near the New Mexico Military Institute on College Blvd? Are you looking for university restaurants Burrito places in Rio Rancho New Mexico, or the best burritos and tacos in Roswell? Whether you’re just passing through, or going out to quickly grab New Mexican food to bring home, we invite you to order food online from Burrito Express. Our takeout food can easily be ordered and we’ll serve it to you safely, cleanly, warm, and fresh. Best Burritos in Rio Rancho New Mexico



What ingredients do your burritos normally have?

Our burritos have the best ingredients with fresh vegetables.  With your choice of beef, pork, chicken or ground beef.  You are able to get a combo of several meats topped off with red or green chili.

What makes our burrito better?

We cook all of our burritos with individual ingredients, while taking our time to properly season each food item, rather than over seasoning your meats with salt and spices.   while leaving your beans and rice bland.

Each component contains balanced flavoring to assure your food is flavored appropriately.  Every bit of your burrito will be seasoned .  Making the perfect mouth watering burrito. 

What do layered burritos have in it?

Burrito Express has a great combination of cheese, refried beans, with your meat of choice, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and green / red chili. 

Are your burritos affordable?

We have kept our prices affordable for all. During and after the pandemic, we continue to offer competitive prices.  Thanks to our loyal and repeat customers, we have been able to keep our prices affordable for the low and medium income families of New Mexico. Always Choose the Best Burritos in Roswell New Mexico.

Do you offer catering and group orders?

We offer fast and easy catering options.  Such as the group order Express Packs.  This allows you to buy 5 or more of the same items on our menu at once.  

Without catering you can plan a quick and easy event.  This allows you to feed friends, family, coworkers or business professionals quickly without lots of catering negotiations and catering proposals.