With LabStats' computer lab hardware tracking tool, you can track and manage all physical components of your computer labs campus-wide. Our hardware inventory management collects and analyzes hardware usage data across your campus to show availability and unused resources. With this data, you can make informed decisions to allocate your hardware and meet the needs of all students.


The data is presented in an easy-to-read report with detailed usage metrics for each system. With our computer lab monitoring software, you can know when and where computers are being used and the total usage time. This real-time information is essential for any higher education institution to manage its IT resources better.


Benefits of our Computer Lab Hardware Tracking Tool


Our hardware inventory management tool enables you to:

● Identify Usage

Identify areas as per computer usage and discover how many computers are engaged in your campus.

● Relocate Hardware

You can find unused computers and relocate them to a higher usage location.

● Remove Hardware

Remove obsolete and outdated hardware.

● Compare Usage

You can also compare the usage of your PC and Mac systems

● Identify Usage Hours

See usage trends or when your computer labs are used the most and least during any interval of time.

● Plan Refresh Cycles

Track all hardware across your campus and make informed decisions for updating hardware assets.

● Schedule

With the usage metrics, you can schedule lab hours for your staff and students.

● Predict

Analyze daily or weekly hardware utilization to predict lab traffic.


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