Qiao Xia shook his head. "I've been a little busy recently, but I'd like to go." After school, An Xiao and Qiao Xia said goodbye and left first by car. At that time, it was already winter, and there was a lot of snow in the sky. Blowing with the wind, dancing like a ballet dancer. The ground had become pure white, and the tree under which she stood that day was covered with white. Ji Jiaheng walked in front, and his classmates would hit him with snowballs. He did not hit back, but looked at Qiao Xia in the distance. Wearing a khaki coat, a beige woolen hat and gloves, and a scarf around her chin, she lowered her head as if she were looking at the road or thinking about something. The man who hit him looked into the distance along his eyes and left with a deep "oh". Ji Jiaheng naturally knew what his classmates meant and turned his eyes away. At this time, Qiao Xia thought in her heart: Ji Jiaheng, your birthday is coming. When Qiao Xia came home, Qiao's mother was preparing dinner. Qiao's mother wore an apron and went back and forth in the kitchen. She was still beautiful in her forties. Many times in the United States, Qiao Xia and her brother would see their father leaning on the door to watch their mother busy. The parents have a very good relationship, and the father must be very reluctant to send his mother this time. Mom, Ji Jiaheng is going to take part in the debate, and I can't go. Also,plastic pallet suppliers, his birthday is coming, what should I send? Qiao Xia asked her mother as she put the scarf on the hanger. Mother Qiao seemed unable to think of anything and shook her head to let her think for herself. After dinner, Qiao Xia went to the drugstore. It was cold and dark outside. People who didn't like winter had a good impression on winter because of someone's birthday. When she bought the medicine and came home, her mother was watching TV in the living room. When she saw her daughter coming back, she said, "Summer, your father just called.". He said things had turned for the better over there. "Dad,plastic pallet manufacturer, is it." Let us go back? It's good to go back, but I'll never see Ji Jiaheng again when I go back. Qiao Xia asked nervously. The next day after school, Qiao Xia caught up with Ji Jiaheng 100 meters ahead and gave him the bag in his hand. I bought some medicine to prevent colds and protect my throat. Come on for the debate, Mr. Ji. Then he planned to run back the way he had come. Ji Jiaheng stopped her, "Qiao Xia, let's go together.". Unknown joy filled Qiaoxia's heart, and she slowly walked with him with her head down. "Thank you," said Ji Jiaheng. Qiao Xia blushed quietly and asked, "No, where are you playing?" "No.1 Middle School." "Well.". Then come on. That road is actually not very long, I do not know whether it is intentional or because the winter road is too slippery, two happy people walked for a long time. On the road two people do not say a word, just silently, silently happy. Junior high school debate students from all over the country have come to B city. In the joint debate team of Xinde and Anhua, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible bulk containers, Ji Jiaheng is the first debate, Su Yi of Anhua is the second debate, and Xu Hao of Xinde is the third debate. The three men were all strong players in the debate, and they finally beat all the teams and won the championship. At the end of the three-day competition, they received a warm welcome as soon as they returned to school. The school held a celebration ceremony for them and gave the three students a pass to the first middle school. That day happened to be Ji Jiaheng's birthday, after the school celebration, many students came to congratulate, and girls sent gifts, he smiled and thanked one by one. Out of the school gate, Su Yi and Xu Hao came to ask if they would have dinner together to celebrate. Ji Jiaheng looked into the distance and saw no one. He shook his head with some disappointment. "These three days are too tired. Go home and have a rest and get together again." All right, goodbye then. Happy birthday Su Yi and Xu Hao left together, talking and laughing. Ji Jiaheng waited at the school gate for a while when a car came. When Anxiao got out of the car, Ji Jiaheng recognized Anhua's little princess and said hello. An Xiao carried a small cake and a set of scarves and gloves in his hand, with a letter on it, and handed them all to him. Josha asked me to give it to you. She asked me to say happy birthday to you. "Well.." What about her? She's not here. You just keep the gift, and as for her. Hum Don't tell you. Naughty strength surges up, an Xiao also ignores Ji Jiaheng, get on a car to go. Ji Jiaheng put down all the gifts and picked them up one by one in order, carefully holding Qiao Xia in his arms. Ji Jiaheng was very disappointed on that road, and even the joy of winning the game could not dilute the displeasure. At noon, my parents called, saying that the company was busy, but I still couldn't come back for my birthday. It seemed that I had to spend my birthday alone again. The sweetness of the cake in his arms poured into his nose, and Ji Jiaheng wondered if this kind of loss was also a little bit related to not seeing her. When I got home, the room was empty and dark. Even if I turned on the light, I couldn't dispel the loneliness. I hadn't seen my parents for a long time. It's not that he doesn't love, it's not that he doesn't care, it's just that he's busy, or maybe his parents believe that he can stand on his own feet, but neglect that the teenager is also in urgent need of love and care from his parents. Putting down the gift, he picked up the scarf given by Qiao Xia. The scarf made of cloth was a crisscross grid of khaki and white, which was very British. The gloves were made of plush thread, and the label of the product was torn off, as if to tell him that I didn't knit them. On the letter of the box, the words "Happy Birthday ~ Happy Birthday ~" were written in a beautiful font, and the name was written "Like your Summer". He took down the cake box, lit the fifteen-year-old candle, and suddenly felt that the birthday was not so bad. Night has been more than half, Ji Jiaheng can not sleep for a long time, the girl's smile engraved in his mind. Perhaps because he was too lonely, Qiao Xia was as warm as summer, which made him unforgettable. But where on earth did she go? Will she not come back. If she really leaves one day, I will miss her very much. Outside the window,ibc spill containment pallet, there was snow again, like a lullaby, but it could not make the boy who was full of worries fall asleep. The author has something to say: Who did you like in your youth? Is there a way to carry all the thoughts? Chapter III. binpallet.com