Arthur, on your first wedding anniversary, you're facing the face of a woman who doesn't even know what it is to sit on it. On your second wedding anniversary, it's the same face. On your tenth anniversary, it's the same face. Her waist is no longer light. On your twentieth anniversary, she has no thick hair; On the 30th anniversary, the way she chatters makes you want to tape her mouth. On the 40th anniversary, she becomes like air in front of you. On the 50th anniversary.. "Arthur, all of these signs will happen to you because you have a father named Utah. I will pray every day that you will be in good health. I pray that you will have strong self-control and eliminate all temptations. One day in fifty years, you will die of natural causes. I will bring champagne to your funeral and raise a glass to your boring life." Don't let me down. Do you know what it means when you let me down? That would mean, I have to say to you, 'Arthur, you've become the person you hate the most,' and the Utah incense has become the Utah light that he hates the most, and it's said that your father likes to cuckold his friends, and don't you think that's the same as what you just described as'damn pleasure '? "Arthur,cold drawn tubes, if I had to make a choice, I would gladly give up the chance to bring champagne to your funeral." Less than half an hour after saying this, as she packed her bags, Jin Jiali welcomed two special visitors, who held the arrest warrant signed by the Prime Minister himself. At the same time, Li Qingzhou stood on the wooden plank road extending to the middle of the lake. This place can capture the movement of the Prime Minister's study in all directions. Lee Gyeongju guessed that Kim Jiali would knock on the door. He arrived at the lakeside wooden plank road half an hour earlier than Kim Jiali. The Golan Parliament granted him the post of Secretary General for Emergency Affairs of the Prime Minister. If something happened between the Prime Minister and the first adviser,impact beam tubes, it would be a scandal in the country. It was within Lee Gyeongju's responsibility to avoid the scandal of the Prime Minister. The young prime minister is smart enough not to make such a mistake, which Li Qingzhou believes 100%. But just in case, after all, it was a young man who was only 27 years old. After all, the prime minister's first adviser had a hot body. Moreover, the two were classmates and partners before. Late night was also an uncertain factor. What's more, the prime minister seemed to have a quarrel with his wife. Li Qingzhou dare not take it lightly. Near midnight, Jin Jiali knocked on the door of the Prime Minister's room. The doors and windows of the study were completely covered by curtains. Li Qingzhou could not see what was happening in the study. He could only judge whether the lights in the study were on or not through the curtains. In his plan, once the lights in the study went out soon, he would knock on the door to stop the situation from developing further. If the lights were on all the time, he would knock on the door at about 12:10 to take Jin Jiali away. If that didn't happen, Jin Jiali didn't stay in the prime minister's room for a long time, side impact beams ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, but she still stumbled out. Obviously, she got a solid shut door. That's all right. As soon as Jin Jiali's figure disappeared, the doors and windows of the study were opened, and the Prime Minister appeared in front of the window, seemingly in need of ventilation. It seemed that the air was not enough. He walked back and forth in front of the window, faster and faster. Eventually, some books and several office items were thrown into the air from the window and fell to the bottom of the lake. Judging from the falling arc of the thrown object, the person who threw it had a strong sense of anger. As a top student at a famous university in London, Jin Jiali, the first adviser to the Prime Minister, naturally has her own way to survive. Presumably, she gave the other side a left hook after being turned away. Li Qingzhou was curious about what Jin Jiali had said that could make the "young man of Golan" lose his temper. Old-school politicians who used to call Utah Songxiang "the little young man of Golan" now only dare to rely on lip service, and the young prime minister of Golan has made these people suffer a lot. After several successive splashes, the lake returned to calm. The study window closed again. About twenty minutes later, the study light went out. This night, the prime minister sleeps in the study. The manor's elaborate rooms for the Prime Minister and his wife are of no use. Li Qingzhou thought that if this matter was put in the market, it would become a vivid couple's disturbance, and his wife went back to her mother's home in a fit of pique. The author has something to say: My queen cub will come out tomorrow. His ears, nose and eyes Many Gorans know that their prime minister has a habit of running in the morning. On the second day of the New Year, the girls who lived nearby took their companions to boost their courage and dressed up to form a team of 100 people to wait outside the resort at dawn. If they were lucky, they might meet the Prime Minister who was running in the morning. There was no one on the runway until the sun came out. The kind manor workers told them that the Prime Minister had cancelled his morning run today. Not only did the prime minister cancel his morning run, but he also failed to appear at the breakfast table at the right time, which made the manor manager very nervous. Last night's dinner was a mushroom cake. The manor steward watched the Prime Minister grow up and knew that he liked mushroom food. Mushrooms were carefully selected, no problem, but the child was very punctual from childhood. Could it be food? At 8:10, the steward put down his heart. The Prime Minister appeared, looking as usual. After getting along with each other for a long time, Li Qingzhou also got a general understanding of some of his boss's characteristics. He was a neat freak, did not like noisy places, and hated being disturbed. Of course, in public places, he hid these very well. This morning, his boss arrived late. Only Lee Kyung-ju and Utah Songxiang were left in the restaurant. Due to some characteristics of his boss, Lee Kyung-ju tried to keep his tableware quiet. Twenty minutes ago, the news of the resignation of the first adviser to the Prime Minister was broadcast in the major news of the Golan, claiming that the content of their broadcast had been confirmed. When the New Year holiday is over, the Prime Minister's Office will hold a brief press release in response to this news. What happened last night is hard to find in the face of Utah Songxiang. Wearing a gray sweater,aluminium coated steel tube, he is not associated with politics. He is more like a boy from a good family, enjoying free time on an island, drinking tangerine drinks and reading sports illustrated.