It was the right time for Qingmei to go back. Lunch had already been delivered. Today, instead of everyone surrounding a table for dinner, there was a small table in front of each person. The dishes on it were exquisite but not much. The six dishes in front of Princess Yuyao were in the shape of a diamond flower. The bowl of soup was shaped like a shell, and the white porcelain was bright and crystal clear. Xie Ningzao found that Princess Yuyao loved to be beautiful, and the dishes were not only delicious but also good-looking, so she ate them. In front of the big prince, there was a long plate, a layer of scallion white on the steamed tender fish, and a shallow dish beside it was filled with his favorite sauce. He rarely touches meat and fish, but it's always fun for children to choose their own dipping sauce flavor, and they can eat a few bites anyway. As for the second prince, the number of times he ate was different from others, and now he had already eaten again. There was only one dish and a bowl of soup in front of Xie Ning. The big prince looked at it several times. Finally, he couldn't help asking, "Does Xie Niangniang have a bad appetite today?" Xie Ning said with a smile, "It's not bad, but I suddenly want to eat this.". This is the flavor of our hometown, that is, noodles, when the weather is hot, there are people in the streets and lanes to sell this. The big prince asked curiously, "Do you sell it?"? How to sell? Xie Ning was stunned and remembered that the big prince had probably never seen how this kind of small business was done. I'll talk to you in detail when we finish eating. The big prince answered yes and said shyly, "Then can I have a taste of this kind of noodles from Xie Niangniang's hometown?" This Xie Ning can't promise him. The noodles were soaked in cold water,stainless steel 304 pipes, and the big prince's spleen and stomach had to eat warm food all the year round, even in the summer. Fang Shanggong said to one side, "Why don't the maidservant let the dining room use warm water to make a little and send it to the big prince and Princess Yuyao?" If you use warm water, you won't have this taste. But Princess Yuyao also raised her head, with a feeling of expectation on her face that was not very obvious and could still be seen. Children are probably like this. They are curious about things they haven't eaten or seen. As expected, the dining room quickly delivered two small bowls of noodles, did not dare to use cold water to soak the noodles, it still tastes warm. The big prince was very serious and ate the small bowl of noodles. Princess Yuyao stopped eating after a mouthful, which seemed to be not to her taste. 149 thoughts The situation in the garden is very strange these two days. On the one hand,aluminium coated tubes, some people jump up and down to ask for help, on the other hand, some people are silent, wishing to shrink their heads into their shells and hide like tortoises and tortoises. Shi Shunyi did not step out of the door. The door of the Yi Xing Zhai where she lived was closed, and even the eunuchs and palace maids were silent. Had it not been for the delivery of meals three times a day, people would have thought that the master and servant of the courtyard were out of breath. Gao Jieyu fell heavily, not only her foot was injured, but also her forehead was broken. These two days, she could only recuperate behind closed doors. When she thought of that day, she was resentful and afraid. Almost lost her life, can Gao Jieyu not be afraid? She admitted that even if she did not have a deep friendship with Princess Mingshou, she was not an enemy, but Princess Mingshou wanted to bring them together. Want to know, the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached? If the emperor is gone, how about these concubines? Perhaps want to enter the nunnery to spend the rest of their lives are extravagant hopes, beam impact tubes ,side impact door beams, Mingshou Princess heart is too black, hands are too black, Gao Jieyu but all the way to see, this is convinced. It is said that the Empress Dowager wanted to put the women who had been favored in the harem of the late emperors. Princess Mingshou did not like the foxes who had been in the limelight for a while, and said that she would sink them into the lake. The maid of honor was carefully applying the medicine to her. Touching the wound, Gao Jieyu frowned and shouted, "Stupid thing!"! Are you trying to kill me? The maid of honor was frightened and kowtowed repeatedly. Gao Jieyu breathed a sigh of relief and knew that she could not be blamed for this. She is already around a very thoughtful and meticulous one, do not let her medicine, do you want to let the doctor to serve? The doctor is a man, how can Gao Jieyu let the man outside play with his feet and legs? "Keep your hands down and get on with it." The maid of honor hurriedly thanked her, collected herself, then applied the medicine to her, and wrapped it in a white silk cloth. Gao Jieyu was injured, and in normal times, many people in the palace would come to visit her, but since she was injured until now, no one has come to see her. Even Shi Shunyi, who has always been very modest and kind to her, did not come. Gao Jieyu's feet could not touch the ground, so she could only lean and lie down, and it was a little hard to sit. She leaned over there and asked, "Didn't Yixingzhai send anyone?" The maid replied carefully, "Yixingzhai has always closed the door, and no one has ever come out." Gao Jieyu was not stupid either. As soon as she thought about it, she understood. Could she avoid some schadenfreude: "Is she guilty?"? She was the first queen, and she had something to do with Princess Mingshou. Even if she was not involved in this matter, the emperor could not like her, but was afraid to frown when he heard her name in the future. If she can get through this safely, it will be her great fortune. The maid of honor knew that Gao Jieyu had to be picked up by someone, otherwise she would think it was wood, but it was not easy to pick it up, and if she didn't pick it up well, she would be blamed at every turn. Shi Shunyi is very timid. She has always been honest and dutiful. She certainly doesn't dare to touch this kind of rebellion, does she? "She dare not, but will others believe it?"? Not much, as long as someone mentioned in the emperor's ear that when she served the queen in the past, she heard that she had also served Princess Mingshou, that would be enough. Such a thing as rebellion is the most serious crime, and killing is not spared. Although Shi Shunyi has always been unable to put on airs to Gao Jieyu, and even some of her inferiority, Gao Jieyu is not very sincere to her. Shi Shunyi was the first queen. Although she had no favor, she was still one level higher than her. She was not obvious at ordinary times. When there was a big event, a festival, or a banquet, Shi Shunyi always had to sit on her head and stand in the front of her. The color of her clothes was also higher than hers, which was enough to make Gao Jieyu uncomfortable. Gao Jieyu pondered, if she hadn't helped Shi Shunyi? This person is not annoying, very obedient, and has a helper to boost his momentum when he has something to do. But if you intercede for her, you have to have that chance. Gao Jieyu doesn't have many chances to face the saint now. Second, Gao Jieyu was also afraid of getting into trouble instead of pleading for mercy. Instead,Cold Drawn Tubes, she lost her dignity in front of the emperor. After all, this is a rebellion, not a minor mistake.