At the moment, in the face of Jingcao a tight like a burst of artillery fire, Zhongji has no defense, more no power to fight back. He knew he was in the wrong and had to admit defeat in his heart. Unexpectedly, Jing Cao suddenly poked out this boring sentence, which made him even more nervous. Hsiao-yu couldn't bear to listen any longer. He knew that Jing Cao was still trying to save face. He didn't wash his dirty linen in public, even though he didn't believe in himself, but the local situation had been widely spread. He had to persuade his father with anger: "My mother and my father!"! You have read so many books and been a captain for so many years, but you still don't understand a simple truth, only villains and women are difficult to raise! Go back and don't make a fool of yourself here! But Zhongji still refused to go. He took a hard look at his only son and gasped at Xiaoyu: "I have raised such a useless thing as you. I have eaten white rice for decades and read sages' books for more than ten years. My father-in-law beat me and helped me, but you turned your elbow out!"! How can I have suffered such a loss for decades? Today Who pays for my long shirt? Who compensates me for my thin face? All right, all right! My mother Lao Tzu-my ancestor Lao Tzu! "If you want to save face and wear a rotten shirt, and if you go on making trouble, you won't even be able to keep the inside!" Xiaoyu left in a huff. The spectators were also talking in twos and threes below. Yeah, yeah, people who eat a lot of ink are still different. Good men don't fight with women, good chickens don't fight with dogs. If we go on like this, our first adult will not be an adult. If we want to be a villain, we will not be able to keep our face! "How can a cock cry out such a defeat today?"? I can't call out a loud voice at the moment. It's unreasonable! "I'm afraid it's not unreasonable, it's immoral!" "Lord Jia has to judge the hour and size up the situation. It's really not good to end up stiff any more." …… Jingcao saw that the comments of the neighbors also turned, thinking of the previous life to leave a thread, the future generation to meet,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, to the mouth of the words also swallowed. It can be seen that Zhongji could not even persuade him to come back, nor could he go down the steps even if he was given a ladder. It seemed that Huoshao Dongmao's heart was not dead, and he insisted on coming up and down to keep his intact face and supreme authority in Caojiawan. In this way, Jingcao appears to be more hard to prick, thinking to hit the local snake more ruthless, must hit five inches. So he pointed to the skull of Zhongji and said ferociously, "I want my family to pay for the robe, the soup and medicine, and the apology,side impact door beams, all of them.". As long as you ask the cock to spit out a mouthful of phlegm and lick it up again, I will admit it. Otherwise, my empress Zai Zai family all let you kill, give you to eat, see you can kill, can eat! Spit! Let everybody make a card, can the phlegm that you spit lick come up, lick clean! The leader in the bay saw that Jingcao was becoming more and more stubborn, and knew the truth of "three don'ts" of old people, women and fine tricks, so he hurried out to persuade them to make peace. This one said, "Jingcao!"! Killing people is just a nod of the head. Everyone says the wrong thing. Just give us a little face and let him go. That says: "Nephew daughter-in-law!"! Today in the bay to do big things, but also on the top of the beam, eat water wine! Just put up with it. Just then, Baochang Niu Zongbao, Precision Welded pipes ,beam impact tubes, wearing a long shirt, a gentleman's hat and a free stick, arrived with several Baodin. It turned out that when Sanyu saw the scene of Shaiguping, she kept saying, "Amitabha!"! Something big will happen! He immediately took out a stack of Guangyang from home and hurried to Baochang's house. Niu Baochang came to the scene, simply asked a few questions about the situation, then took out his prestige and said: "In a word, as the head of Jia, it is wrong to curse people like this.". The whole world is a family, how can we divide the trees? Hundreds of years have passed, and there is no smoke stove in this ink cave. Why is it that when we see Jiangxi people, we always call them'old cousins'? You go back and look up the genealogy. Most of our people moved here from Jiangxi, and some of them were banished from all over the country. After all, Bao Chang's speech was very good. After he criticized Jia Chang, he turned around and said, "Of course, it's even more wrong to hit people with a weight. A gentleman talks but doesn't do anything. You hit people at every turn. It's still Jia Chang, your leader.". If you dare to hit him today, you will dare to hit me tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, even the head of the township may eat your fists and feet. That's great! Isn't it a rebellion? Is it going to turn upside down? This matter is not simple, so we should not let it go and deal with it seriously. If you hurt someone, you have to pay for the soup and medicine, and if you tear the old robe, you have to pay for the new one. Today is still a great event in the bay. This is a big thing. The weight should apologize to all the people in the bay. The cost of making water and wine should be borne by his family. Which side is not convinced, go to the township office to sue! Sue me, Niu Zongbao! Niu Baochang's voice declined, and the crowd once again set off a wave of voices, which was more lively than just now. Faced with the wave of indignation, Zong Bao turned to go. Jing Cao was even more unconvinced and wanted to argue with Bao Chang, but was stopped by his mother. Sanyu was a cat in front of outsiders, but a tiger in front of her daughter-in-law. She stared at her presbyopic eyes and shouted, "Die!"! Go back inside! You are not afraid of getting into trouble. Do you have the right to speak here? Then he bowed to Niu Baochang and said, "Take it!"! I We are all convinced and pay for it. many Thank you, Mr. Bao Chang! Please Please ask Master Bao to eat the water wine before you go! …… After the renovation of the public housing last year, loyalty, who commands the wind and rain outside, seems inferior and dwarfed as soon as he enters Caojiawan. Therefore, today, he has remained silent in the face of the debate among the clansmen over the restoration plan. Because, according to the head or according to the account, the loyal family will not suffer losses, nor will it benefit, he does not want to benefit, save a few straw sandals to sell money, not as good as my weight to split an axe. Had it not been for the fight last year, if it hadn't been for those people in Zhongji who had evil intentions and haggled over every ounce, I would have wanted to shoulder the burden alone. After the announcement of the plan to restore the public housing estates, some people were happy and some were sad. Those who benefited from the plan were happy, while those who suffered losses were angry from embarrassment. They even argued until they were red-faced and scolded their grandparents. However, the cock has already called,precision welded tubes, and is to respect the ancestors and gods, through the decision of drawing lots, which also can not think of turning up big waves in the pond at the entrance.