Snowflakes were still flying, and in the distance there was Merlin as beautiful as haze. There was no one around except them, and the world was silent. Sun Tingya and Lin Yi sometimes separated and sometimes held hands. Sun Tingya thought she had good skating skills, but Lin Yi showed the professional accomplishment of a snow country teenager at this time. She crushed Sun Ting-ya in any way. Especially when he made some difficult turns, she almost couldn't keep up with him and was dragged and carried forward by him. I do not know how long, two people are out of a sweat, coincidentally slow down the pace. Sun Tingya breathed a sigh of relief. "I haven't played like this for a long time.". I've been upset recently, and I really should come out to exercise. Her hat was off and her long hair was loose, glaring in the snow-white background. He reached for a handful and watched it slip through his palm like water. "Upset? Why upset?" Sun Tingya did not answer. Lin Yi changed his mind and said casually, "Is it because of the news?"? I saw your news. It's a good picture. It's much better than when we were followed. "Can you compare the two of us who didn't even have a face?" Sun Tingya squinted at him. "But were you startled?"? Like thinking I'm sneaking around and already have a son. "A little, to be honest." Sun Tingya raised her eyebrows and Lin Yi said, "After all, you didn't have the slightest psychological preparation before, so you ran out of a husband." A petal was shaken and brought from Merlin by the wind, and it was as red as blood and fell right on her hair. Sun Tingya did not speak, Lin Yi helped her take it off, and then casually bounced off, "you two seem to have a good relationship." "Well, it's not bad." Lin Yi's hand in his pocket, unconsciously clenched into a fist, "in that case,collapsible pallet box, why would." Is it like this? The topic he asked actually crossed the line, and he wouldn't have asked it before. He was such a clever man that he knew very well where the line drawn by Sun Tingya was. Sun Tingya looked at him and the smile on his face disappeared. She didn't seem to want to talk to him, but after a moment she replied, "We got married to deal with our family, and we never interfered with each other.". But this year there was an accident, we got familiar with each other because of some things, and then the relationship was OK. It's okay. He thought about the picture of a family of three in the photo, and then obviously from Shen Feng's online marketing,drum spill containment, smiled and stopped talking. Two people did not return to the city that night, Lin Yi package under the villa a separate small building, told her that the hot spring here is also very good, must try. Chuang Tzu raised animals and grew vegetables. Dinner was made of these pure natural and pollution-free ingredients, and the taste was very good. However, neither of them had any appetite, so they put down their chopsticks after tasting them at will. After such a long delay, of course, some waiters recognized Lin Yi, but the staff in this place were professionally trained and very calm and did not make a fuss. They decided to go to the hot spring. After changing clothes, Sun Tingya tied her hair with a rubber band. Lin Yi stood behind her and looked at her with a little effort. Naturally, she said, "I'll help you." He stretched out his hand to take the rubber band, but to his surprise, plastic trash bins ,collapsible bulk container, Sun Tingya paused and smiled at him: "No, I'll do it myself." As soon as he is stupefied, she has already stepped forward, he also has not been able to say that "does not want to soak together" the tease exports. Sun Tingya was immersed in the warm spring water and closed his eyes. She felt that there was something wrong with her. When Lin Yi made that request, the first thing she thought of was Shen Feng, the last man who tied her hair. He said he liked her, she was not serious, but after so many things, she found it difficult to be as light as before. She sank down irritably, and the spring did not rise above her head for several seconds. The mobile phone on the shore rang suddenly, and through the sealed bag, the word "Shen Feng" jumped on the screen. She hesitated for a moment, but picked it up. "Hello?" On the other end of the phone, Shen Feng did not make a sound. He came out to talk about business tonight, and the partner was tired of playing in the city and offered to go to a resort in the suburbs for dinner. After three rounds of wine and five dishes, he began to laugh and scold. He had a headache because of the noise. He found an excuse to come out and breathe. Suddenly, he wanted to hear her voice. She was very quiet there, and I didn't know what she was doing. Maybe she was reading again. He was a little curious to know what she liked to watch before she went to bed. Shen Feng? Sun Tingya called out again. He came to his senses and said casually, "It's nothing. I just have nothing to do, so I'll call you." "Oh." Sun Tingya felt a little dizzy, and did not know whether the water temperature was too high or the inside was too stuffy. Shen Feng recognized that her voice was not right. "What's the matter with you?" Sun Tingya: "I feel a little uncomfortable." Shen Feng's face changed, "uncomfortable?"? What are you doing I'm in the hot spring, but I'm a little dizzy now. Forget it, I'll go out first. She finished and came up from the pool, but as soon as she took two steps, her legs were weak and she fell heavily to the ground. Shen Feng heard only a muffled sound over there, subconsciously thinking that her life was hanging by a thread in Tibet, and even the tone changed, "Tingya?"? Sun Tingya? What's the matter with you? There was no sound in his cell phone. He took a deep breath, and no matter who was sitting inside, he turned and went out. But as soon as I went around the two corridors, I heard a woman screaming in front of me, "Come and help me!"! Here Someone fainted in the hot spring! Hot spring. He jerked his head back, unable to believe the coincidence. However, his footsteps had already reacted first, and he ran in that direction, and soon saw a woman lying on a bench outside the soup pool, next to a waiter with an anxious face. The woman was wrapped in a bath towel, her long hair was loose, her eyes were closed, and it was Sun Tingya! Excuse me, this is my wife. What happened to her?! The clerk is stupefied, like seeing a savior next: "Gentleman, fast!"! I can't hold your wife. Take her to the infirmary! Shen Feng crouches down, the tentacle is the greasy skin, is very hot, let his heart mercilessly jump again. He pursed his lips and was about to pick her up and walk out,plastic bulk containers, but Sun Tingya slowly opened her eyes. Shen. Shen Feng? He looked at her, his voice still a little unsteady. "Yes, are you awake?"? What just happened? 。