Gone are those times when to share large files from one device to another, the most innovative thing was to use the infrared of the mobile phone. Now that technology has improved a lot, we still have the need to share files with third parties, although the appearance of cloud storage services has made that task much easier for us.

However, for many, this may be an uncomfortable way to transfer file and documents, since in most services we have to register on a platform and most of the time it is necessary to have a specific application.

That is why we are going to see the best alternatives to these services to be able to share files quickly and easily without having to depend on the cloud. They are very interesting tools that we can always have at hand if we want to send a very large file and you cannot send it by email or do not want to use the usual means.


The WeTransfer application is perhaps the best known to transfer large files. The most useful and easy to use, without having to create an account and allowing us to have this platform has been operating since 2009, so its age, together with its ease of use, make it one of the most popular. Its use is extremely simple, since to transfer files it is only necessary to indicate the recipient's email address.


Another of the most popular file share services is JustBeamIt. This P2P transfer service has a very simple user interface. To upload a file we just have to drag it to the browser and the upload will begin. One of the advantages of JustBeamIt is that it generates a fairly simple URL so that we can share it without problems.

To transfer big files it is necessary to keep the browser open on both devices until the transfer is complete. As a security measure, the URLs expire after 10 minutes so that no one else can use them. One of the plus points is that there is no file or size limit.


Another tool that can be very useful is Smash. Like the others, it allows us to send large files. The main characteristics of this service are that it is free, unlimited, without registration, and for 14 days. This, together with a simple interface, makes it one of the great alternatives for transferring files. The fact that it has no size limit also makes it one of the most used services.