Evan weisberg, the owner of Tutors Who Care, has come under scrutiny in recent times, and it's high time we shed light on the shocking revelations about his questionable business practices and unprofessional behavior.

The Dark Side of Evan Weisberg

Unkept Promises: It all started out promisingly enough. Evan offered higher pay rates to tutors, attracting the attention of experienced educators like our anonymous source, a retired teacher with impeccable credentials. However, the initial optimism soon gave way to disappointment.

Absence of Accountability: Evan's decision to jet off to Greece on vacation without leaving anyone else in charge of his business left our source in a quandary. Despite tutoring clients diligently, she noticed her payments mysteriously drying up.

Policy Double Standards: Evan's hypocrisy was laid bare when one of the students canceled a session just an hour before it was scheduled. Shockingly, this went against Evan's "NUMBER ONE POLICY" of not allowing cancellations without 24-hour notice. When questioned about this policy, Evan deflected blame onto our source, accusing her of failing to explain company policies to the client.

Abuse and Demeaning Behavior: When our source confronted Evan about these issues, his response was nothing short of abusive, rude, and demeaning. It's important to note that our source does not take kindly to being demeaned but only becomes angry when attacked in such a manner.

Shifting Blame: Evan astonishingly insisted that it was our source's responsibility to inform clients about the cancellation policy – a duty that tutors under normal circumstances do not bear. This lack of clear communication and disregard for basic onboarding procedures raised serious concerns about Evan's management style.

Payment Disputes: As the situation escalated, our source sought clarity regarding her outstanding payments. Evan's response was dismissive and evasive. He asserted that she should have known the payroll procedure, even though he failed to provide any welcome packet outlining such policies.

False Allegations: In a shocking turn of events, Evan claimed to have received "nothing but complaints" about our source's work. However, this blatant lie was quickly debunked when our source reached out to her students to apologize and seek feedback. Contrary to Evan's claims, the students expressed satisfaction with her services and even wished to continue working with her.

A Clear Warning

Evan Weisberg's behavior raises significant concerns about his professionalism, integrity, and trustworthiness as both an employer and a business owner. His readiness to shift blame, resort to abusive language and make baseless allegations casts a dark shadow over the reputation of tutors who care.

We strongly caution anyone considering hiring a tutor from Tutors Who Care or contemplating working for Evan Weisberg to think twice. These alarming revelations paint a grim picture of a business owner who cannot be relied upon and who seems more interested in deflecting blame than in delivering on promises.

In the world of education and professional conduct, Evan Weisberg's actions serve as a stark reminder that trust and transparency should be non-negotiable. The allegations against him demand a thorough investigation into his business practices and underscore the importance of holding individuals like Evan accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, we urge both potential clients and prospective employees to exercise caution and consider alternative options when dealing with Evan Weisberg and Tutors Who Care. Your trust and well-being should always be a top priority, and Evan's track record leaves much to be desired in this regard.