Student success is one of the most important criteria that determines the quality of education at every level.


Central to the success of your students is providing them with access to top resources. In this technological world, having the right set of tools can ensure high student success rates while eliminating resources that aren't being used institution-wide.


LabStats offers its computer software tracking tool to boost academic success. With a host of built-in features and advanced functionalities, tracking and measuring software across campus is made easier than ever before.


Benefits of our Computer Software Tracking Tool


●    Optimized Resources

With our analytical and management tool, you can identify the most used software across your environment and optimize it for better access to students.


●    Optimized Spending

Along with tracking the most used software, you can also identify and eliminate software that isn't being used by your students.


●    Optimized Access

Once you identify the most used software, you can deploy it effectively across campus. LabStats allows you to deploy resources at computer labs, and classrooms, as well as remotely.


●    Optimized Discoverability

Give the tools to your faculty and students to find resources easily on their mobile phones or your university's website.


Get the Best Computer Software Tracking Tool

LabStats is an advanced tool for higher education institutions that can be easily integrated into your digital and hardware atmosphere. Get a complete digital transformation of your software and hardware across campus and pave the way for higher learning and student success.


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